11 comments on “Rantings

  1. i read it 😛

    some people will never get it. I buy albums too but of course there are always many more I want to listen to, so thanks a lot for your uploads^^

  2. Seriously, d-bags should just go die. Don’t take it too personally; forumz are too full of bitchez who like to demonstrate their idiocy by bagging on others

    • oh and one more thing, your English is probably better than most English people lolz

      • I agree with this man here. The internet is just full of anonymous people that you will never meet in real life. So try not to sit on those thoughts for too long. (If I were in your shoes, I too would of been offended, to the point where I would be bashing my fists into the refridgerator. LOL!)

        For English not being your native language, you speak it better than most I’ve seen typing on American based enthusiasts sites. ^_^

        P.s.- I just discovered your site a couple weeks ago, and I appreciate the uploads you put up very much!

  3. Haters gonna hate. Don’t mind them; your uploads are greatly appreciated by leechers like me.

  4. Honestly, crying when people reupload your rips is childish and pointless. I scanlated for a long time. I hated online readers. You know what I did when people uploaded my WORK (you don’t do work by ripping albums, sorry) to online readers? I put in another 20 hour week scanlating. There’s no point crying and punishing people because you don’t like the common mentality everyone has of actually sharing things online.

    • Actually, which part of the post indicated that I am crying when people re-upload my rips? I knew that it will leak out sooner or later. What I has been trying to say is that to at least give credit to the person who ripped the album, even if they don’t, at least do not claim it as their own rip. Did those who uploaded your work claimed it as their own?

      And, what have I done to punish people? I added passwords to my files, yes, but I indicated the passwords in my posts. If its someone who downloaded it via search engine or whatever, its actually none of my concern if they don’t know the passwords. (Those who actually did that and came to hurl insults cos I added passwords, I will just mark them as spams and expose them.)

      I cannot stand the way some people act in that forum, so I just leave it. Is that wrong? Anyway, if you don’t like the way I think, just stay away from this site, its very simple.

    • First off, did you read what happened at the forums. I’d advise you to go read it. Secondly, it wasn’t another bitch post about people re-uploading rips.

      It was a rant on the mentality most people have they are handed out freebies – They want more but are unwilling to spend on the stuff they want to listen to.

      And frankly speaking, you just contradicted yourself over in your post. You said that there was a common mentality of sharing things online. There we go. Online. Internet. The web. インタネット. Whatever you call it, the internet isn’t private. So if you hated online readers and didn’t want your works to go there, why post it up on the internet. If so, why bother scanlating or joining a scanlation group (if you have one) at all.

      Everyone has put in effort in something, you did work by scanlating. Buying the manga, ripping it out page by page, and then translating it. [Did you buy the manga, or did you download the raw? If you downloaded it, the person who uploaded the raw might not actually want his/her raw shared. It could have been taken from his/her personal site and then uploaded on a torrent or FTP server! ): ].

      So did the person who actually ripped the CD out for people to share. The cost of the CD, time spent rushing through the rips and the conversion to lossless. Time spent waiting for the ninja of a postman to arrive. Those might not be work for you, but it could be work for others. Have you actually given consideration to that?

      • You missed the point real fucking hard 月子. I’d suggest reading my comment again.

        Schkyder, I’m not talking about the passwords, I’m talking about your melodramatic, woe is me, make it better rant. Everyone who shares anything ever puts up with the same shit, most of us just deal with it and either stop sharing or decide to put up with it and keep sharing anyway. Is the way the world works always fair? No. But as adults, we realize that there is a way in which the world works, and we just learn to live with it. No point making walls of text about how people were mean to us and it’s unfair. It’s no more or less unfair for you than anyone else, and it only seems spoiled and whiny when you go off on rants and threaten to stop sharing over it when no one else does.

  5. I must say that we are not thinking on the same wavelength. All I did was posted a rant, and you have to go and say that I am spoiled and whiny. I was feeling very pissed off at that time so I chose to post it as a way to vent my anger, like the title of the post indicated, it is a ranting. Plus I did not threaten to stop sharing, I was stating that I almost deleted everything in a fit of anger but realized that it was pointless. Since I already know its pointless, why would I even bother threatening people with it? If I didn’t decide to put up with it, I would had just closed this blog.

    Your comment is making me believe that you feel that ranting online is an expression of being whiny and you want me to think the same way as you. But not everyone has the same mentality, I have my own way of thinking and I do not force people to think the same way. Sorry if you still think that I did not comprehend what you were trying to say, my English is too poor you see. Like what I said earlier, if you don’t like the way I think, just stay away from this site. I don’t think I will reply anymore of your comment(s).

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